The Earnings Gap

It is very common for the two people in a relationship to earn different amounts of money, but those who have enormous gaps are often seen as being ripe for a break up. People tend to look at the surface of relationships, and they do not take the time to examine how the couple looks at their earning abilities. One partner may make twenty times what the other makes, but neither of them really cares about it. These are just numbers to them, and they are happy as long as their financial commitments are met.

Equality of pay has been an issue for many years, and this has mostly been because women tend to make less than men. Couples where the man earns more seem normal, but there is a gap when the woman is the primary breadwinner. Rather than celebrate the couple's good fortune, many people are waiting for the divorce announcement. No matter how happy the couple says they are, people are expectant that a break up will occur.

Money is often an issue between couples, but this is because they do not earn enough to fulfil their dreams and ambitions. When money is tight it causes problems between the partners, but those who have enough money for all their needs seldom disagree on how to save it or spend it. They generally have a set of goals, and each partner usually spends only the amount they truly need, so this relationship is almost never in danger of dissolving because of money issues.

There are partners who do not make enough money for all their hopes and wishes, but they still stay together. For them, there are no monetary issues important enough to sever their relationship. They like to talk about what the future will bring, but they are realistic enough to know that being with each other is the only future that truly matters.