The Attraction of Opposites

Amazing relationships are worth exploring for those who find their own record of being with a partner over time is not as sterling as they would have expected. They may find what they are seeking from another person in a long term relationship is not what will really work for them. Some people search for a person with the same characteristics and ideals they have in life, but being with someone completely different could be their key to happiness. The attraction of opposites has much to recommend it, so taking a closer look could explain how well it can work.

Career success is often important to people, and they believe they should find a partner with the same drive and motivations. What they often discover is that a life with that type of partner leaves them feeling lonely or empty. The issue between two people in this relationship could be the fact their careers are much more important than their relationship, and that would tend to leave them feeling less than successful at home. Finding a partner with less drive to succeed in a career would leave them with more energy to create a warm home and a lasting relationship.

Focus is a part of what makes a relationship work well, but people usually have different levels of ability to work on and cherish their partnership with another person. If one person tends to be less expressive than another, it could work out for a couple. One of them may take a great deal of time to create lavish dinners and find the perfect gifts. Their partner could find that focusing on those types of activities is beyond them, yet they can appreciate their partner's abilities. This can create a balanced relationship between the two as they strive to move ahead in life as a team.

The differences between two people within a long term relationship are often what make their bond stronger, so looking for someone with very different thoughts and ideas on how life should proceed might be the best way to find a good partner. Over the long decades, appreciating and valuing those differences could create a tight bond where love can flourish.