When Life Breaks the Relationship


Levels of Formal Schooling

Many people are under the incorrect impression that intelligence is based on the level of formal schooling a person receives. This is really a misunderstanding, and many people with advanced degrees will admit they are not any smarter than other people. These people love to learn, and they have the ability to continue their education far beyond many people. They recognize their persistence in learning, but they realize it is not necessary for everyone.

There are many people in the world who do not have advanced degrees, and they live very happy lives. They are quite intelligent, and they work as hard as anyone else to earn a living. For them, schooling is simply a formality because they continue to learn throughout their life. No matter how much or little schooling people have, this does not limit their ability to remain in a relationship. Some couples where this particular gap is quite wide have the most successful relationships of all.