Differences Make the Relationship

It is easy to get along with someone who has all the same views and opinions in life, but this does not necessarily make them compatible in a relationship. Differences enhance the issues where partners can agree with each other, and they lift each person out of their assumptions. Being with a partner who views life very differently can make them more appealing, and some couples spend a lifetime in this type of relationship. Many have found the differences are what hold the relationship together, and they seldom discuss the issues on which they agree.

Partners who are wildly different must overcome the preconceived notions of others, and they often relish this task. People tend to have solid ideas about many issues, and they believe couples need to agree on most things to make the relationship work. These are people who tend to be intolerant of different views, and they shun those who disagree with them. There is little wonder that they find couples who are unalike to be able to form a viable relationship.

Differences in basic perceptions can change the field of any relationship, and committed partners who enjoy this are often quite happy with each other. One of them may see an event as a problem, but the other will view it as an indicator their lifestyle needs a few changes. This brings a positive breath of fresh air into the relationship, and it gives them an opportunity to see how they can better their future.

The gaps between two people in a relationship are often the best part, and intelligent people realize this. They understand they cannot always see the forest because they are concentrating on the nearby trees, but their partner will see the forest and the city beyond. Each one of these people understands the radically different view of their partner is simply another way to look at the world and help them see it in a new and exciting way.