A Touch of Magic

Mismatched couples are often the talk of their social circle or work group, and people speculate on what keeps them together. They might have many things unseen in common, or each of them could crave someone who takes them away from their normal life. Politics are often a bond a couple share, or it could be a religious connection. For those who have often wondered, perhaps it is a touch of magic that keeps their relationship going when all others believe it should be an abysmal failure.

There might be very few things a hair stylist and a nuclear physicist can talk about when it comes to their work, but their hobbies and interests off the job could keep them chatting well into the night. Their love of doing things together could be their way of creating a world separate from their society, and the thoughts of others seldom intrude on their relationship. It is this type of dedication many couples share, but it is more apparent in those who seem somehow mismatched.

The ability to find common ground is important in a good relationship, so couples who might otherwise be at opposite ends of any spectrum could still find ways to create a connection. Their love of music as they wander down country lanes could tie them together, or their nights at the ballet might be the highlight of their time away. Each incidence where they find something to share is cherished, and their differences fall by the wayside without a second glance.

It takes two very special people to recognize their differences are not as much as they originally thought, and that alone can create magic between them. Looking at their hopes and dreams could produce yet more connections as they take the time to discover the future they want to build is something their partner shares.